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Commercial & Residential

RGA has specialised in the management of large commercial buildings from the very moment business began, priding ourselves on our versatility and reliability.

Commercial & Residential Property Management

Our mission, to ensure a high quality service is delivered throughout our management period, and we are even here to pick up the pieces should you find yourself let down by your current provider.

Our Commercial Management Services Include:








Residential & Commercial

We have worked with a range of different businesses in the management of their premises, from food delivery warehouses through to mobility displays, education campuses and multiple occupation residential buildings!


Property Management Packages

All of our management services are available exclusively or included in a package for full scale premises management. We recommend you get in touch to discuss a personalised quote for your individual needs.

Starting Service Price List

  • Cleaning: £16 P/H
  • Security: £18 P/H
  • Monthly Maintenance: £10P/H
  • Monthly Maintenance (Out of Hours): £16P/H Consultancy: £12P/H
  • Logistics: £18P/H (Plus VAT)

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